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Re-Development and Promotion

“Sora-no-eki (a community place for promotion of Higashi-matsushima)” project

We want to lead many people bonded by ONOKUN for the future.
Let us build “Sora no eki” (SKY STATION) just like “Michi no eki” (Roadside station is government-designated rest area found along roads and highways in Japan -Wikipedia-)

Rebuild the development and promotion for Higashimatsushima City.

Over 3 years has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

We really need your encouragement to redevelop the quiet town.

All the more reason, we want to build “Sora no eki” for many visitors to stop by, to know the sights and the tasty foods of our town and more about us!

Summary of the Project

We will build “Sora no eki” in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture.

This project has been created by the bond between ONOKUN, it was born in the temporary housing of Ono Eki (station) Mae in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, and Satooya san (its owners).

This project was launched up to keep those bond for the future as reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami & Redevelopment for the town by the Joint Representative Ms. Fumiko Takeda, Mr. Hayato Shinjo.

Higashimatsushima City – the town where the bustle disappeared by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Do you know where Higashimatsushima city is?

Many people pointed Higashimatsuyama in Saitama Prefecture, but Higashimatsushima located in Miyagi Prefecture. You probably remember Matsushima Coast, Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Minamisanriku or Tome.

Higashimatsushima City is located in between sightseeing area Matsushima and Noisemaking. The city was blessed by mother nature, prospered the culture of laver and oysters also the agricultures by utilizing the fertile land along the coast.

Even 3 years after till today, we are living here to recover our town little by little.

However Higashimatsushima is not so famous city as Matsushima or Ishinomaki, so it is only the passing point. Few people visits. We have the big problems because many left after the Great East Japan Earthquake,

Dream about “Sora no eki”

Higashimatsushima is located in between sightseeing area “Matsushima” and the famous city after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami “Ishinomaki”. Few visitors, Only a few people knows Higashimatsushima.

However, we have the sightseeing area, tasty seafood and crop production.

“We wish many people to know and taste our seafood and vegetables. The fishermen and the farmers would be happier, if so. Wait, what about building the house to share that happiness for the residents?”

“Wait wait, I am afraid but we can not because we don’t know where to start or have money either, so we can not. Impossible”

“But nothing changes till someone starts. Remember ONOKUN, they told us how to make the dreams come true. So we will meet many visitors again then dream again with our whole hearts.”

And this “Sora no eki” project was born. Higashimatsushima City is the only one home ground of Blue Impulse, the only one great aerobatic demonstration team of the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. It attracts and bonds many fans by showing the awesome flights in the blue and big sky. We named “Sora no eki” after the story of Blue Impulse.

“Cheer for Higashimatsushima! The center for the redevelopment! The place many visitors and the residents meet!” that is the goal for our “Sora no eki”

 ”Sora no eki” works as

The place for the sustainable community born in the temporary housing.
The place for mothers and grannies to motivate their lives.
The place for people in/outside of town to meet and interact deeply.
The hub place to let you know the various great points in Higashimatsushima City.
The place you can taste the original production in Higashimatsushima City.
The place for both the visitors and the residents to feel happiness to come.

Mothers and Grannies are hoping it will be.
40 million yen GOAL for “Sora no eki”
Build and encourage “Sora no eki” project together with your own way.
To dream with us, contact us.
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